Benefits of Lemon Water & Celery Juice

Why lemon water and celery juice need to be the foundation of your morning routine

We have a morning routine we LIVE BY and its lemon water and celery juice. Say it with me. Lemon water and celery juice. Again. Lemon water and celery juice! Scream it if you want to, We do!! This should be engrained into your brain as it is so important to have these for our bodies to heal. If you only incorporate two things we talk about into your diet, lemon water, and celery juice would be it.

Let’s start with lemon water. Lemon allows the water to travel more deeply into your tissues and cells and carry the essential nutrients you need. It's great for the digestive tract and can help relieve constipation, nausea, and even parasites, which you want to eliminate in the morning before you start your day.

Lemon water flushes your livers accumulated waste from the night before out of your system. When you get up, your blood is dirty with all of the toxins and other waste. If you don’t flush out the waste by getting hydrated, your liver is forced to reabsorb it and this prevents the healing process. This also jumpstarts the liver to continue detoxifying throughout the day.

Lemon water is excellent for weight loss, the immune system, alkalizing the body, controlling high blood pressure, anti-aging, detoxification, purifying the blood, and regulating body temperature. I mean does it get any better?!

Actually yes - moving onto celery juice. Celery juice is an amazing miracle food because it strengthens your digestion for the rest of the day. It’s sodium cluster salts raise your gut’s hydrochloric acid so your body can break down and absorb what you eat. The salts starve then flush out toxins, dead pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, and debris from every crevice of the body which is ESSENTIAL to your health. This is life-changing for anyone who has been told they have an autoimmune disease. Pathogens are the actual cause of inflammation that’s mistakenly known as an autoimmune condition.

Celery juice balances your pH and cleanses/ repairs your stomach, the rest of your digestive tract, and, most importantly, your liver. It can aid in constipation as the digestive enzymes in celery juice break down food in the small intestinal tract and get your system moving. This amazing juice also is important for healing acid reflux and heartburn as it restores the stomach glands. It helps with combating adrenal fatigue, eliminating brain fog, stabilizing blood pressure... the list goes on and on.

Both of these liquids are the perfect boost of deep hydration and replenishment as they serve as the essential and gentle detox your body needs daily. Consider an early morning ritual of squeezing half a lemon into 16oz (or more) of your best quality purified water upon waking. Follow this with 16oz of celery juice 30 minutes later on an EMPTY stomach. The best time is in the morning before eating as it allows for the best digestion, absorption, and healing benefits.

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