The Transformative Power of Breath Work

How the simplicity of breath work can move mountains (of emotion that is).

I tried breath work and...🤭😳 WOW.

We prioritize the gym because we care about what our bodies look and feel like, but what about our emotions/emotional intelligence...breath work is probably your best money spent on emotional growth... it’s like going to the gym to get a hot bod but for your emotions...emotionally fit if you will.

I tried a breath work class and it was extremely profound and transformative... I wasn’t expecting anything going into it and both times came out of the class in absolute awe of my experience.

Breath work is for you if you want to grow as a person, let go of anything you feel is holding you back (anxiety, negative emotions), if you want to shift something in your life, or if you want an emotional “cleansing”.

Everyone experiences interactions and events pretty much daily that consciously or subconsciously “triggers” them emotionally. This trigger or felt emotion often times becomes “stuck” in our subconscious mind creating an emotional pattern that can inhibit us in so 👏 many 👏 ways 👏. Breath work is one of the simplest ways to ‘surrender’ and clear stuff in your subconscious, conscious, and physical body (aches/pains as well).

This was my second class (live online) with Bree Melanson, an LA based spiritual medium ad 'soul trainer' who's work is featured in publications from The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and Gaia, and hosts widely successful workshops, classes, and retreats for growing your intuition to breath work to mediumship.

The actual class went by very quickly and Bree begins with a powerful grounding meditation then leads into an explanation of what happens in breath work and any channeled guidance. The actual breath work is about 20-30 mins which sounds short but it’s insane how powerful a session can be in just that time frame. A little goes a long way in this respect.

What I love about Bree’s classes are that she always offers guidance that you somehow need to hear...She spoke about the present moment and our ego. The present moment is where we create (manifest) from constantly. When we want something, we need to let go and trust that it’s on our way to us or that there’s something better for us. But often times she says, letting go feels unsafe. But what if we loved each present moment without bridging the fear gaps from past and present of where we think we should be/have. When we let go/ live in present, we are awakened to what we/our soul really wants.

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