Cleanse Your Temple, it's the Only Home You Have!

What is a cleanse? And why is it essential to detox your body?

Cleaning has become a major health buzzword in our society. From powdered supplements to juicing, to fasting, it seems like we just can’t get enough of the detox trend.

But What is a Cleanse, You Might Ask?

A cleanse helps eliminate toxic substances from our bodies. Yes, our body does have a natural way of doing this through the liver, urine, sweat, and poop, but cleansing helps your organs to further neutralize toxins and release them from your body. During a cleanse, you eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet and replace them with whole, healthy foods that give your taste buds and eating habits a reset.

What Kinds of Cleanses Are There?

Cleanses mostly fall under three main categories:

  1. Those that primarily replace foods with liquids like juices, smoothies, or soups and sometimes incorporate herbal supplements.

  2. Those that support your body’s natural detoxification systems by supplying nutrients from healthy fruits and vegetables that boost liver and kidney function.

  3. Those that cleanse your digestive system from the colon (enemas, for example).

Why is Cleansing Essential?

Our body holds so much accumulated build up over the years from drinking alcohol, consuming processed sugar, oils, fats, and ingesting heavy metals. When our bodies continuously store this unhealthy buildup of toxins, it often leads to chronic illnesses such as fatigue, acne, brain fog, psoriasis, bloating, digestion problems, mental health issues, and disease. Many of these toxins come from the things we use and consume every day. These can be as basic as the food we eat containing pesticides or the water we drink containing fluoride to the beauty products we use with the primary ingredient being talc (eye shadow and bronzer). Even our environmental exposure from the chemicals in our carpets to the fresh coat of paint on our walls can be detrimental to our health. These toxins should not stay in our bodies. Since our organs help expel these toxins, it's essential that they are in working order to complete this task. The standard American diet doesn’t allow our bodies the break it needs to detox and rebuild itself; that’s is why it is critical to cleanse our bodies.

Our Results With Cleansing

Every time we have done a cleanse by supplementing unhealthy foods for fruits and vegetables (#2 cleanse type) to support our bodies' natural detoxification process, we have noticed significant changes. Some of the symptoms we had been struggling with for years, such as (Kaya’s) fatigue, lethargy, digestion, and (Maddie’s) psoriasis, brain fog, low energy started clearing up in less than a week of cleansing. As a result, we will continue to incorporate cleansing into our routines because we have directly noticed how beneficial they have been for our bodies and minds.

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