Vitamin D Helps Fights COVID

Your Essential Vitamin D Questions Answered

According to the British Medical Journal, a group of biochemistry researchers conducted a study where they randomly separated 76 people with moderate to severe C19 into 2 different groups. 50 patients were given a secret vaccine and 26 were given no vaccine.


No vaccine group: 13 out of 26 patients (50%) were admitted to the ICU, and two died in the end.

Vaccine group: Only 1 person out of 50 (just 2%) required ICU admission and not one person died.

This means that the vaccine led to a mind-blowing 93% reduction in ICU admissions. Here’s the best part…it wasn’t actually a vaccine that was given in this study…IT WAS VITAMIN D!

Vitamin D is essential to your immune health!

Why You Need It: Vitamin D helps decrease inflammation, and helps increase immunity, brain function, cardiovascular function, and muscle function. One of it’s primary purposes is to improve calcium absorption through food and maintain correct levels of calcium in your blood (a vitamin D deficiency may cause bone loss).

Ideally, people should be getting 90-95% of their vitamin D requirement from the sun. Obviously, our vitamin D levels have been decreasing since March because we’ve spent much less time outdoors.

Luckily there are vitamin D supplements to make up for this. But don't go crazy!! Taking too much vitamin D can be harmful. To combat this, it’s a good idea to take vitamin K alongside your vitamin D.

Why? Vitamin D ensures your blood levels of calcium are high enough to meet your body’s demands but it doesn’t fully control where the calcium ends up. Vitamin K correctly regulates where the calcium goes in your body.

Without vitamin K, taking too much vitamin D can cause issues such as blood vessel calcification and heart disease due to extremely high levels of vitamin D.

Essentials to Take With a Vit D3K2 Supplement?

Omega-3’s, vitamin D3K2, selenium, zinc, liposomal vitamin c (the inner skin /white part of the orange).

What are these?

Liposomal Vitamin C: one of the most bioavailable forms of vitamin C and can more easily get into your cells and do its job.

Zinc: incredibly beneficial and protective to the lung tissue.

Selenium: supports immune system response, especially with a respiratory infection.

Omegas: are helpful in fighting inflammation and loading your bodies with healthy fats, which you need to help absorb Vitamin D.

Your Vit. D Q's Answered

Which Vitamin D Supplement Should I Take?

It’s best to take a vitamin D3 K2 supplement from Thorne, Standard Process,

Best Time of Day to Take a Vitamin D3 Supplement?

Morning with breakfast to absorb

What is the proper dosage?

The best method to figure out the correct dosage is to have bloodwork done. This will tell you how much you need to take each day. The average person usually takes around 1000 IU-2000 IU per day of vitamin D.

Most Essential Vit. D Support:

Sun Exposure: the most powerful way to absorb Vitamin D is through the sun. Even if it’s cold out, try to go outside once a day and stand under the sun for a few minutes, or even stand by a window and visualize the sun pouring down onto you. Visualization creates your reality. Imagine the sun washing away any negative emotions and practice the art of ‘surrendering.’ This in combination with sun lamps can work wonders. Put a sun lamp at your desk and turn it on while you work.

Thank you @holistic psychology for inspiring us to write this post.

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