Fresh Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are super easy and refreshing! Great as an appetizer to elevate any meal!⁣


- 15-20 rice paper wraps⁣

- 1 cucumber⁣

- 1 avocado⁣

- 1/2 mango⁣

- 1 large carrot⁣

- Seaweed paper or flakes⁣

- 2 tbsp soy sauce or coconut aminos⁣

- 1 tbsp tahini⁣

- 1 tsp lime juice ⁣


- Peel the cucumber and cut into 4 equal parts. Cut each section further into small slices. Cut the carrot in the same way⁣

- Cut open the avocado and remove the pit. Spoon out both sides and cut each half into small, thin slices ⁣

- Cut the mango into small slices⁣

- Fill a plate with water. Submerge the rice paper into the water for 3 seconds and place onto a clean plate⁣

- Put a piece of seaweed paper in the middle of the rice paper and add in cucumber, mango, carrot, and avocado ⁣

- Fold like you would fold a burrito ⁣

- Mix like juice, tahini, and coconut aminos together to make sauce ⁣

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