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Maddie's psoriasis journey --- Cleanses, Detoxing, Naturopathic Doctors & Resources

I have struggled with psoriasis for over 15 years. I have it all over my scalp in addition to spots on my body. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition where red patches of dry skin and inflammation appear on the body and scalp. Modern medicine doctors will say that my body is mistakenly attacking healthy skin cells and prescribe Coal Tar (which is extremely cancerous) or Biologics (which may work for a very short period of time, after which the psoriasis will come back even worse). Both of these options do much more harm than good. Naturopathic doctors will say that my liver is overridden with toxins and viruses which in turn cause my psoriasis. They may prescribe supplements or a cleanse to rid the toxins.

Now you may be thinking “which one is right?” Most will think modern medicine doctors are, as they are extremely educated and are what most of us were and are familiar with growing up. My mom, on the other hand, is ‘holistic all the way’ and always encouraged me towards naturopathic modalities. But I went to the modern medicine route for years, especially when in college because I wanted to take the easy route. I wanted a quick fix to a problem that really doesn’t have a quick fix. I used harsh creams that literally burned the psoriasis off and left me with raw skin. I used biologics that added toxins to my body - these worked for a little and then the psoriasis would come back worse. I followed the doctor's guidelines to a T and nothing fully helped.

After college I moved to New York and the stress of a new job, drinking, and constantly eating out caused my psoriasis to get even worse. I didn’t know what to do and I felt like I was out of options. That was when my sister told me about the Medical Medium and his book on healing the liver. He talks a lot about skin conditions and their link to toxins in the liver. In his book, he has a cleanse that is supposed to give your liver a break from its daily task of trying to filter out toxins. This in turn will allow our bodies to heal from the inside out. When COVID hit I decided to do his 3:6:9 9 day liver cleanse. It’s not a harsh cleanse, you ease into it the first 3 days, and every day you are consuming just fruits and vegetables. This is when I realized how important fruits and veggies are for my health, how food can truly be our medicine, and how little we know about the way foods and consumer products impact our bodies.  

I was amazed by the results. In the beginning, my psoriasis got worse which scared me but I later found out this was just my body detoxing. A week after the cleanse I saw dramatic changes and I knew that this cleanse was incredible.

Since then I have done 2 more 9 day cleanses throughout these past 6 months and am always amazed by the results. When I feel that my psoriasis is getting worse due to drinking or eating out too much, I will do his cleanse. My goal is to one day live my life eating how I ate on the cleanse but for right now I’m just incorporating it into my life when I can.

This cleanse and his teachings were something that really resonated with me. It will not resonate with everyone, so find what works for you. The one thing people can take away from his work is that food can be medicine.


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