Liver Rescue Cleanse

COVID Cleanse

We’re cleansing! And it’s the perfect time to do so with corona. Cleansing works to starve any existing bacteria or viruses in our bodies and creates an internal environment where new viruses cannot survive - aka dramatically lessens our chances of catching it.

This is a 9 day Liver Rescue Cleanse by our favorite, The Medical Medium, consisting of eating fruits and vegetables. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to something and stick with it. As you know, we are live to eat girls. We. Love. To. Eat…and we live for it. So the thought of eating mainly fruits and vegetables for a week and a half was extremely daunting.

But once we began the cleanse, it surprised us how creative we were able to get using only fruits and vegetables. There are so many delicious dishes you can make with simple, whole ingredients. We will be posting these dishes this week!

It definitely takes a lot of mental strength to curb our usual cravings, however, when we shifted our perspective to considering all the foods we COULD have instead of could not have, it changed things for us. We actually started to crave our usual food less. We also shifted our mindset to understand that feeding our bodies whole and healthy foods is not only nourishing but deeply healing to our bodies, organ systems, and cells on a physical and energetic level. Think about it, every food you eat carries a certain energy. It either weighs you down or lifts you up…you know the feeling…being full and sluggish after eating something. As you can imagine, processed foods have a heavier energy, whereas fruits and vegetables have a lighter energy because they come straight from the earth. Although its only day 3 of the cleanse, we are already feeling a bit lighter and have more energy…this will come and go as we cleanse our bodies (liver and gut) of the accumulated toxins and bacteria buildup, but we know how powerful this cleanse is and how beneficial it is to our bodies.

After the last cleanse Kaya completed two months ago, she took a test that measured the health of all her organs. Almost all of them with the exception of one came back fully functioning at an optimal level above 85% which is uncommon for the majority who take the test. She even had less food allergies than before!

It’s hard to believe, but everybody carries bugs, bacteria, and viruses in their bodies. They come in different varieties/strains and take different amounts of time to proliferate. You could have a small pathogen in your body creating the mildest of symptoms and you might not realize it’s a problem. These symptoms can be stomach problems, minor excema/acne, anxiety, fatigue, yeast infections, painful periods, etc.

Many people go on a cleanse with no particular health desire besides a general body cleanse—and only as they’re going through it and evaluating afterward do they realize they’re feeling better and we’re living with more limitations before than they knew.

After removing some of these foods, they find they have more energy, which they didn’t expect because they never thought of themselves as being sensitive to it. They find they can think better, with less brain fog. They find they require less sleep are free of the symptoms they had learned to ignore.

Cleansing kills the viruses and bacteria in your body. There are certain foods that viruses and bacteria feed on. They love gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, sugar, corn, and tuna…all of which are known to create inflammation in the body. Viruses and bacteria cling to the accumulated buildup in your body.

Dairy for example clogs your digestive freeway, allowing pathogens to thrive in our small intestinal tract and colon that shouldn’t, ones such as unproductive funguses, molds, bacteria, and viruses. It makes your liver function sluggish. When your body’s liver becomes clogged, all of the toxins can’t escape your liver.

Gluten feeds pathogens. The very viruses that create autoimmune conditions thrive on gluten. That’s what causes inflammation. It’s not the other way around, with gluten triggering inflammation that triggers an autoimmune response in the body. Gluten feeds the viruses that create, for example, eczema, psoriasis, Lyme disease, PCOS, Hashimoto's, multiple sclerosis, etc.

The belief is that autoimmune conditions cause your immune system to attack the body, however, this is NOT the case. It’s a pathogen such as a virus that eats and thrives off gluten and causes, for example, intestinal damage. What your immune system does is go after the thriving pathogens that create these autoimmune conditions.

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