Liver Rescue Cleanse 3:6:9

The Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse and Our Results

Kale Salad with dates and apples

What does the liver do?

We have this vital organ in our body called the liver, but what does it actually do? The liver makes toxins less harmful to the body by removing them from the bloodstream, balances energy metabolism, creates immune system factors that fight against infection, helps break down fats and proteins, and so much more.

In this day and age, we’re born with livers that are already weakened as many toxins are passed down the birth. Then on top of this, we’re constantly exposed to numerous toxins in our daily lives that add to our weakened liver. Our livers are designed to deal with some of these toxins – after all, we have this incredible organ for a reason.

When we are exposed to toxins, our liver works hard to snatch them up and hold onto them to protect you. Your liver will then neutralize the toxins, detoxify them, and remove them from your body through elimination channels. However, the problem comes when your liver is flooded with too many toxins which begins to cause health issues such as acne, psoriasis/eczema, adrenal problems, IBS, weight gain, constipation, depression and anxiety, autoimmune disorders, brain fog, food sensitivities, diabetes, insomnia, fatigue, and the list goes on and on.

Why it’s Critical to Cleanse Your Liver and What You Should Know Before

Liver rescue smoothie

Liver cleanses are complicated as you have to be careful and go slowly. The liver doesn’t like to be forced into anything. It doesn’t like to be pushed into processing fats or dealing with an overload of toxins. As much as your liver has been waiting for relief from its daily grind, starting a liver cleanse is much like getting into a hot tub – you don’t plunge in all at once, most people dip their toes in and then get used to the water temperature limb by limb. If you jump into a cleanse, your liver will go into shock and in some cases, it's forced to release toxins at a rate that is not healthy for you or itself.

If everyone ate wholesome foods, our livers would be functioning optimally. However, “wholesome” does not describe the typical American diet as it is high in fats, sugar, and additives. The liver stores those fats, sugars, and additives in hopes of protecting the body from the negative effects of a poor diet. The organ also holds a buildup of environmental chemicals (pesticides, plastics, gasoline, smoke, heavy metals, fumes, etc.) and toxins from years of exposure. Viruses, which are present in everyone’s bodies from birth, in turn like to reside in the liver to feed on the toxins (ew, not sure about you, but I’d want those out ASAP). Our liver will store the negative foods and toxins for as long as it can but eventually, it will run out of space, become sluggish, and we begin to get sick (anything from psoriasis and autoimmune to brain fog to bloating to cancer). The liver cannot handle our typical lifestyles, and this causes so many symptoms.

Liver cleanses can rid your body of a lifetime of pathogen and toxin buildup so you can finally experience clear skin, mood stabilization, weight loss, lifting of fatigue, regular bowel movements, less inflammation and so much more.

Medical Medium 3:6:9 Liver Cleanse

Liver Rescue Salad and Sides

We decided to do the Medical Medium 3:6:9 Liver Rescue Cleanse to help with the symptoms we struggle with daily. It gradually prepares the liver and eases it into a deep cleaning mode as the cleanse gives your liver the rejuvenation it deserves. The cleanse is broken down into three phases –the three, the six, and the nine. Each stage goes deeper into detoxifying your liver and by the end, you will eliminate things that tax your liver so it can focus on its main job of ridding your body of toxins and in turn help you heal.

Cleanse Breakdown

The 3-day preparation phase is extremely important as your liver needs to gear up. The next 3 days are where the integral cleansing begins. This is when your liver gets to unpack the toxic fats and viral waste it has been holding onto for years. On the 9th day your liver gets to let go sending troublemakers into your bloodstream for delivery out of your body.

Banana, Blueberries, Pitaya

Liver Rescue Morning

You’ll start each day with 16 oz of lemon or lime water to flush your livers accumulated waste from the night before out of your system. When you get up, your blood is dirty with all of the toxins and other waste. If you don’t flush out the waste by getting hydrated, your liver is forced to reabsorb it and this prevents the healing process. This also jumpstarts the liver to continue detoxifying throughout the day.

Every day for breakfast we had the liver rescue detox smoothie. This is one of the best smoothies and it’s so simple to make. It’s a mixture of pitaya, bananas and wild blueberries. This nourishes your liver with glucose and critical antioxidants.

Chickpea pasta, grilled veggies, spinach

Days 1-3

On days 1-3 you can eat what you want for lunch and dinner but must avoid gluten, dairy, and eggs. You need to cut your fat consumption by 50% (eggs, bacon, milk, cheese, butter, meats, avocados, oils, coconut, nuts, seeds, and butter) and try to only eat fat at dinner. In the afternoon you will consume 2 apples and 2 dates as they help regulate blood sugar and adrenal function. During most cleanses, you detox too quickly, which taxes your adrenals and often leaves you feeling exhausted but these snacks stabilize your blood sugar giving you energy.

Celery Juice

Days 4-8

On day 4, you introduce celery juice into your morning routine, 30 minutes after your lemon water. Celery strengthens your digestion for everything you eat for the rest of the day. It helps balance blood pressure and blood sugar and provides your body with valuable vitamins. It starves pathogens and contains mineral salts with disinfectant properties that make them anti viral and anti bacterial to unproductive bugs in the body.

Steamed brussel sprouts, baked kale and onions

On days 4-8 you have to follow the liver rescue diet for lunch and dinner. It mainly consists of the liver rescue salad, brussel sprouts, asparagus, and spinach soup. This phase allows the liver to begin cleansing itself as all fats are eliminated. The moment you consume fats, detoxing stops. Your liver switches over to producing bile to digest fats and from then on its focused on its other business of the day.

Celery, orange, and apple cucumber juices

Last Day – Juicing

Day 9 is a juice day allowing your liver to expunge itself of old toxins. You will consume 2 celery juices, 2 cucumber apple juices, and as many orange juices or papaya smoothies as you like.


We continue to incorporate the liver rescue morning (lemon water, celery juice, smoothie), while also avoiding fats until lunchtime, into our daily routine to provide maintenance so our liver can keep up with its regular functions instead of always playing catchup. With the liver rescue morning, you keep the detox window open. If there is one key takeaway from the entire cleanse, it would be to incorporate the liver rescue morning into your routine.

Our Takeaways

Was it tough at some points? Yes. Were we excited to get to the end? Yes. But would we do it all over again? 100% Yes.

The below chart is an overview of the liver rescue diet we did. If you decide to partake in this diet, message us on Instagram at @avo_a_day for more info!

Homemade applesauce with dates

For us, the first 3 days were a piece of cake. We were excited to be venturing down a new path and trying something new, especially during quarantine as it gave us a challenge. We could eat what we wanted still, and since we already avoid gluten and dairy/eggs, we only had to cut down on the number of fats we ate. Each morning we did the liver rescue smoothie for breakfast, some variation of grilled veggies over salad and rice or chickpea pasta for lunch, and usually salmon (or another fish/meat) with veggies and sweet potato for dinner. We ate the required 2 apples with dates in the afternoon which we were excited about and they tasted great.

Liver rescue salad with honey orange dressing

On day 4 we added in celery juice, which we both enjoy so that was easy. Next came the set menu for lunch and dinner which was a little tougher. The liver rescue salad, which we had to eat for lunch on days 4-6 and for dinner on days 4-8, consisted of tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, cilantro, parsley, choice of lettuce, and a homemade orange honey dressing. It tasted great during the first few days but got pretty old by the end.

Spinach soup over cucumber noodles

On days 7 and 8 we had spinach salad for lunch, which actually tasted great and was a nice change from the salad. Our energy level dropped around day 6 and we felt lethargic and tired. We became crankier and snapped more often than usual. During these days we also felt some detox symptoms arise – headaches, fatigue, dark circles under eyes, psoriasis, and acne.

On day 9 all we could have was juice and although the juice tasted great, we did not find it very filling. We were counting down the minutes until we could eat real food again! This was probably the worst day as we were so close to being done yet couldn’t eat solid food. We had extremely low energy and our skin was paler than usual.

Finally, we were done! But just how we eased into the cleanse, we had to ease out. This meant not jumping in and having tons of fat/meat. We didn’t eat meat until dinner 2 days after ending the cleanse and we tried to limit fat consumption during those first 2 days.

Post Cleanse Results and How We Healed

Maddie – This cleanse definitely took hard work and dedication. I was very proud of myself and the willpower I was able to have throughout it! I have been struggling with psoriasis for over 10 years with relief here and there from different medications and remedies. I started taking a prescription drug for psoriasis a few years ago (I was desperate for a cure) and this helped but was not a permanent fix as my body became immune to the drug (often happens with psoriasis drugs after a period of time). I moved to NYC 10 months ago and since then my psoriasis has gotten worse (probably from drinking, city toxins, eating out, etc.). I kept meaning to do a cleanse but life continued to get in the way. Finally, during this quarantine, I had the time to do this 9 day cleanse! Although it wasn’t easy, after completing it, I noticed my psoriasis is almost all healed and continues to heal as I do the liver rescue morning every day for continued detox! I also noticed my energy level has increased, my stomach doesn’t hurt after I eat, I have little to no bloating after eating.

Kaya – I found this cleanse to be difficult at points and often felt hungry, however, I could feel my liver cleansing during the 9 days and it even went so far as to (TMI) clean out my colon. Furthermore, my acne was noticeably worse on the cleanse which worried me a little. But after detoxing, the pigmentation scars and acne on my face started going away! I also noticed that my energy and fatigue improved after the cleanse. I still had dark circles under my eyes post-cleanse, which I think was a sign of continued detoxing. On a separate note, according to Chinese medicine, the liver is known to store the emotion of anger. By cleansing your liver, these emotions can be released from your body. During the 9 days, I noticed I had deep, sporadic bursts of anger regarding things I had not thought about in months (some were even things I had thought I’d gotten over). These thoughts popped into my head, I let myself fully feel those emotions, and then I took deep breaths and let them go. Post cleanse I actually felt emotionally lighter as these deep-rooted emotions had filtered out of my body and mind.

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