Vegan Sushi

Delicious plant-based sushi

This vegan sushi was delicious and beyond easy to make without a bamboo mat. The cream cheese really elevates the roll and therefore we didn’t really feel like we were missing fish. We paired ours with coconut aminos!!⁣


- 1 cup cooked jasmine or sushi rice ⁣

- 10 large seaweed sheets⁣

- 1 cucumber⁣

- 2 avocados ⁣

- 1 mango⁣

- Vegan cream cheese. We used kitehillfoods chive ⁣


- Cut cucumber, avocado, and mango into thin slices at least 2-3 inches long⁣

- Place vegan cream cheese in a sandwich bag and cut the corner off to create a piping bag⁣

- Take a seaweed sheet and place a scoop of cooked rice into the middle. Spread out evenly with a spoon⁣

- Place the avocado, cucumber, and mango slices horizontally on the rice about an inch in from the side closest to you⁣

- Squeeze a line of vegan cream cheese on top of the vegetables and fruit ⁣

- Fold the end (seaweed and rice) closest to you over the vegetables and continue rolling until you get to the end⁣

- Use a sharp knife to slice the roll into 1/2 inch sections

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