Welcome to the Celery Juice Club

How long it takes to heal and what's happening in your body

Welcome to the Celery Club…

So you’ve read our first article and you’ve hopped on the celery juice bandwagon. We know you’ve been busy juicing that green green and you’ve probably been getting lots of flack from your parents and your bf BUT, you’re still sticking with it because you’ve been feeling the changes in your body, in your stomach, in your mood. You know deep down that the wheels are turning. But, what’s in store for you on your celery juice journey you might ask?

Somedays you will really feel the juice, while other days will be ordinary. An ordinary day, according to the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams, could be a day when celery juice is getting the bacteria out of your liver, replenishing the cells in your body, rebuilding your digestive system, and repairing your endocrine system. It could take a week, a month, or even a year to feel the differences. When you stick to it, you will see the benefits unfold more and more every day.

Depending on how your liver is functioning prior to juicing will determine how long it will take to see changes says Williams. Your diet also has a major effect. If your diet is high in fats

then it won’t allow the celery juice to do its magic. If you are constantly eating a high-fat diet, then toxins have a hard time being released from the body and nutrients aren’t being delivered.

Where Are the Toxins In Your Body Coming From?

The toxins in your liver stem from a plethora of experiences and environmental factors you’ve encountered since birth. Everyone has a variety of toxins and heavy metals stored in the body, says Williams. Some have multiple viruses stored in the liver like Herpes, Epstein-Barr, HHV-6, or bacteria such as strep and E. Coli living dormant in the body just waiting for an imbalance or an emotionally traumatic situation to occur until it begins to emerge. Some have been battling chlamydia through the years, as well as staph and other fungi’s. Some are high in toxic heavy metals from airplane travel, radiation exposure (X-rays, CT scans), metal fillings or dental work, as well as insecticides and pesticides from walking on the grass at local parks or even their own home.

The amount of toxins, heavy metals, and bacteria in your body have an impact on how long it will take for you to feel better. Williams compares celery juice to a cleaning service…asking how long it will take to clean is like asking the cleaners for a time estimate before they have seen how big the mess. It is recommended to continue drinking it after your first symptoms start to heal. Most of the time, we are too busy to be fully aware of the juice and it is when people stop drinking it that they notice how much the celery juice has helped, says Williams.

Emotional Component

Your body stores emotions. According to Harvard University, emotions such as anxiety, sadness, and anger can trigger symptoms in the gut. A person's depression, for example, can be the cause or product of bloating. All of the emotions that have stemmed from the frustration of dealing with chronic disease symptoms are stored in your body. Your body stores emotions. By detoxing the body, some of these stored emotions will start to become released from the body.

Healing Reactions

Healing reactions are temporary. Acid reflux can occur because the juice is killing bacteria and flushing out toxins. Bloating can occur, however, the juice usually helps to alleviate bloating. This usually occurs only when someone is drinking large quantities and it's doing a deep cleaning, Williams imparts. If someone’s liver has built up bacteria as well as in the intestines, they could have bloating while the juice kills the bacteria. Headaches and Migraines could occur from toxic heavy metal and low grade viral or bacterial infection. The celery juice can trigger symptoms you experience on a regular basis because it gets the bacteria moving and out of the body. Mood swings might occur because the juice helps to detoxify emotions stored in the body. Mouth and tong sensations can occur if there is a buildup of toxins or fungi in the mouth and or an elevated amount of ammonia in the mouth caused by rotting food in the intestines and stomach outgassing and seeping up through the esophagus. If the reaction in the mouth is a tingling sensation, this means the Celery juice is killing the bacteria. If you have a metallic taste or a funny taste, that means your body is detoxing metals. Itching and breakouts or rashes can occur as well.

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