Why We Started Avo a Day

The minds behind Avo a Day

Hi Avos!! We wanted to talk a little bit about why we started this account!

We’ve both struggled with chronic issues (acne, psoriasis, bloating, fatigue, anxiety) for most of our lives and know just how debilitating these can be.

We’re fortunate to have grown up knowing the positive impact a healthy lifestyle can have on our mental health and physical bodies. Because of this, we’ve grown to be health and wellness enthusiasts. From eastern to western doctors, we’ve tried a whole host of cleanses, supplements, protocols, and treatments to find solutions. We’ve tried quick fix’s like antibiotics, pills, and creams, but we have found that although some of these work, they only provide short term solutions.

We learned that as a society, we rely so heavily on quick fixes, however, antibiotics and prescription pills aren’t the remedies for everything.

We wanted to find solutions that would treat the root cause of our acne, psoriasis, anxiety, fatigue etc. We wanted to find permanent answers.

Furthermore, we were looking for something we could incorporate into our daily routine during the school year or at work where our symptoms seemed to flare up with stress and sometimes lack of proper nutrition from a college diet.

After years of research along with finding the medical medium and incorporating his protocols, we’ve been able to heal many of our own health issues. We’re continuing to learn how our bodies truly work and how chronic issues and illnesses can be healed through nutrition, supplements, movement, and positive mental health. We love sharing our experiences and educating others on the solutions we’ve have found - with one of the most important being riding the body of toxins. This blog is a resource for all and explores solutions for how to heal the body from the inside out.

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