Your Energy Creates Your Reality

Everything is energy. You are are energy. How we define our reality is how we’re going to experience our reality.

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

When Einstein talks about matching the frequency he means that the emotions we put out into the world around us have a frequency setpoint (see frequency scale image below). We don’t think about it in those terms but all beings – all things in the universe – vibrate at a certain level.

Frequency is the emotions or the energy you emit. Your emotions influence your viewpoint and your viewpoint creates your reality. If you are feeling depressed, then everything around you (your reality) will seem uninteresting, whereas if you feel joyful, life will feel exciting.

Our energetic frequency is naturally joyful and expansive, but we usually don’t connect to that state because we let our habituated way of thinking drive our natural frequency down. So we get stuck at lower levels of energy and forget we’re these powerful positive forces of nature.

If we start to see that our reality is shaped by where we spend most of our time frequency-wise — we can work on changing that.

Smile more. Be kinder. Breathe. Accept. Surrender.

Stop beating yourself up. Relax. Enjoy. Laugh.

Our Emotions Create an Electron Signal That Others Can Sense

To get into the science behind energy and frequency, according to physics, everything around us is made up of molecules vibrating at a certain energetic frequency. Tables, buildings, and cups, for example, are all made up of molecules. Every molecule is made up of atoms and atoms are made up of electrons. An electron signal is created when electrons move around, similar to the signals that are sent from a light switch to turn a light on. Essentially, our emotions create an electron signal, which travels outside of our body creating an energetic field (or energetic frequency) filled with emotion that others can ‘sense’.

HeartMath Institute

It’s like to when you walk into a room and there’s that one person that seems to be the center of attention because she has a magnetic energy that just pulls people in…or the lower energy you feel from someone when they are having a bad day and it can sometimes pull you down. Emotions emanate out and can be felt by others.

Our emotions have an energetic frequency that aligns us to others that are on that same frequency

According to Elevate The Globe, ‘our emotions have an energy and frequency that aligns us with people and situations that affect our health, happiness, and abundance levels. Depending on where we are at emotionally, we tune into different energetic frequencies or vibrations, just like connecting to a certain TV or radio channel to receive a broadcast.’

Elevated Frequency

When we choose to connect to a higher frequency by experiencing elevated emotions such as gratitude, joy, compassion, and the signal of those emotions reach the brain, the energy of those feelings sets in motion a cascade of at least 1400 biochemical changes in the body that promote rest and digest, growth and repair.

Lower Frequency

When you connect to lower frequencies by feeling anger, stress, jealousy, or frustration, this triggers the release of approximately 1,200 chemicals into the body equal to those feelings. This chemical dump lasts around 90 seconds. In the short term, these stressful feelings are not harmful; in fact, if they’re resolved they improve your resilience. However, the long-term effects of unresolved survival emotions make you vulnerable to stress-related health challenges.

Often, we hold onto our negative emotions for days . . . We call up our friends and complain. We bitch to our parents. We get upset because of something completely unrelated, that then sets us off again about something that happened a week (or a year) ago. We get stuck in patterns of thought about something and then regenerate the negative associations with it.

It’s important to note that when we feel those lower emotions, we don’t want to push them away because that’s how they grow stronger or come up later on. We want to observe and explore those emotions through self-soothing, journaling, or talking to a therapist to understand why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and thus get to the root. Your body intuitively knows why you are feeling the way you feel…with a little bit of inner exploration, you can gain many answers and in turn, you subconsciously and energetically release those feelings from your body, thus raising your energetic frequency.

We can change our viewpoint and our energetic frequency. It’s easy, but it does require awareness, yet with patience and persistence you will get better at it.

You can ease the mind that creates such friction in your heart. Because isn’t it our thoughts about things that upset us and not the actual thing?

If you work on your frequency, observe how things start to shift in relation to it. Relationships, opportunities, conversations, possibilities, information. Your actual life itself.

You begin to understand and realize you actually do have a say in your own life. When you start to manage your own frequency you’ll stop expecting it (and your happiness) to be fulfilled by others. And that in itself becomes a more liberating frequency. We let go of expectations and demands.

Do you know that the main thing making you unhappy is your own thoughts? Change them.

When you do, you’ll realize that your frequency — and your world — will change too.

Ways to Increase Your Frequency:

Inner exploration & ‘ritual’: Take some time out of your day every day to become your awareness within your body and listen to yourself.

Ask yourself:

‘What do I need to feel nourished?’ ‘How can I love myself more?’ ‘What do I need to know today?’ and see what comes up. Journal down what comes up for you.

Focus on your breath and don’t push any thoughts away. When new thoughts come up, be aware of them, and then bring your breath back into your focus.

With practice, your inner voice will grow stronger. You are your guide and the only one that knows you best. You can seek outside guidance all you want, but ultimately, you are your compass and you are meant to listen and trust yourself so you can find your true purpose.

Some other methods to try:

  • Meditation

  • Insight Timer App (Bree Melanson) or Headspace

  • Visualization

  • Journaling

  • Therapy

  • Sitting still and becoming present

  • Being in nature

  • Listening to music

  • High vibrational music on Youtube: Search 528 frequency music and listen to it during the day or when you sleep and notice how you feel in the morning.

Breathwork: Doing certain kids of breathwork ripples your vibrational frequency out into the universe. If you can have control over your breath, you can have control over your’s not a coincidence if you’ve had heart palpitations, a tight chest, breathing issues recently because that's a sign that you need to bring more awareness to your breath. In nordic countries, hospitals prescribe their COVID patients or patients struggling with respiratory issues to do breathwork.

  • yoga breathing

  • transcendental breathwork

  • Bree Melanson (Breathwork classes, next one is Sept 11)

  • Wim Hof Breathing (Wim Hof App)

See what resonates with you and ask yourself in the moment how your breath affects your vibration? When you have anxiety is your breath really shallow and short?

Your thoughts have a ripple effect on your reality thus working to co-create a reality for others. Be intentional. Don’t just eat what’s in front of you because it’s in front of you or doesn’t just do something because that's what you’ve always done. Be intentional. The more intentional you are in your life, the more it will serve you.

2. Movement/ Working Out:

Moving is meditative in and of itself. Movement works to release stuck emotions in your body, thus raising your frequency.

  • Dancing

  • Working out

  • Walking

  • Yoga

  • Kundalini Yoga —this is how I learned about energy and frequency. It’s one of the fastest ways to release stuck emotions and elevate your frequency. Check out Elevate The Globe, its a monthly Kundalini yoga subscription service—and the best $20 you’ll ever spend (like a gym membership, nutrition counseling, therapist and spa all in one but for your soul) and they have quick videos targeting the release of just about every emotion and they’re super fun!

3. Find gratitude and joy in your day:

Do what brings you joy every day! When you live life from a place of joy and from your heart, your vibration raises and you attract opportunities and people that are in alignment with you.

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