Zinc Therapy

The Best Cold and Flu Fighting Remedy

The Medical Medium Basically Predicted COVID...

Having a strong immune system is the key to preventing colds and flu as well as lessening the time it takes your body to fight them. In October of 2019, the Medical Medium sent an email sharing his favorite cold and flu-fighting remedies because there would be stronger virus strains coming out. Low and behold…2020 and COVID.  In 2019 and 2020, however, I experienced more severe flu-like symptoms when I caught a cold…  In his email, he detailed that “ the rhinoviruses that caused the common cold have been superseded by flu viruses that are much stronger” thus causing people to experience cold-like symptoms that have mild flu variety. Another reason you might be experiencing cold-like symptoms is that your body is already fighting off a virus trying to attack your system. If your sniffling, sneezing, or have a sore throat, chances are you’re dealing with a strain of the flu. 

My Experience With The Miracle Supplement

In the spring of 2019, I caught a cold and experienced major flu symptoms—nausea, dizziness, chills, yet I didn’t have a fever. After my first day of staying in bed, I started feeling like there would be no end in sight until my Medical Medium approved supplements arrived. I had two days to recover or I would not be able to attend an event I desperately wanted to go to…I started doing liquid Zinc Therapy that the Medical Medium outlined in his email which consisted of taking two dropper full’s of the liquid zinc supplement every 3 hours for two days. I did this while also taking a few of my other liquid supplements he recommends, Cats Claw, Lemon Balm, B12, and Vitamin C tablets and I was able to make the fastest recovery I have ever experienced and felt back to normal by the second day of taking them. Now, I’m usually sick for atlas a week or more so feeling back to normal this quickly was incredible. I felt like a walking advertisement the next day telling everyone about my miraculous recovery. Now you don’t necessarily need the other supplements to make a quick recovery, but they do help. The key is zinc.

What Does Zinc Do?

Zinc Therapy is a way to prevent any bugs from turning into the full-blown flu. It's the most important mineral for your overall health and your entire immune system relies on Zinc. Unfortunately, almost the entire American population is deficient in this key mineral. If you don’t have zinc in your system, the fluvial reproduce. Zinc works to weaken the flu virus, as well as stabilize the immune system. Its an essential supplement for year-round support.

Zinc Helps Heal Other Symptoms

It’s also incredibly important for liver health, UTI’s, candida, sinus infections, strep throat, autoimmune conditions, acne, adrenal problems, arthritis, cancer, eczema, psoriasis, brain fog, child and baby live just to name a few.

Size and Quality Matters

Given that almost everyone is deficient in zinc, the amount you take, how long you take it for, and what kind of zinc you take is really important to take into account. You want to be taking this supplement every day for at least six months to properly nourish your body, however, you will feel the effect much before like I did after taking it for a few days to fight my virus. Zinc sulfate is the best kind of zinc to take because it doesn’t include citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, or other additions that are not good for you. Vimergy makes a great liquid zinc and the medical medium speaks highly of the company:

How to do Zinc Shock Therapy:

If you feel like you have a cold or flu coming on, squirt two dropperfuls of the zinc into your throat, let it sit there for a minute, and then swallow the zinc. Three hours later, squirt another two dropperfuls into your throat and let it sit there again for a minute before swallowing. Repeat every three waking hours for two days.

What Zinc Is Best For You

We recommend liquid zinc sulfate from Vimergy which you can find on their website and on Amazon. We also recommend Pure Encapsulations Zinc 30.

Food Sources With Zinc

Oysters, mushrooms, kale, pumpkin seeds, legumes

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